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Pricing Philosophy

We understand that the cost of a tutor is an important part of your decision. Below you may preview the cost of our tutoring compared with other companies.

Of course, cost is only one factor. Following are some things which set us apart from everyone else.

This pricing is for one-on-one sessions only. For group tutoring pricing, please see our group tutoring page. However, we feel that individual tutoring is the most productive and effective method. The entire focus is on that particular student’s needs!

We come to you, wherever that might happen to be. Typically, we meet in the student’s home, though we have met at parents’ workplaces, public locations, homes of the students’ relatives, and our office.

While we offer assessments and sometimes recommend them, they are always optional with us.

Students usually begin with two sessions a week, but one session a week is fine, also, for students who are not very far behind and who will practice on their own.

The cost of tutoring for students in the 7th grade and below is $49 per hour session.

The cost of tutoring for students in the 8th grade and above is $54 per hour session.

Skills Testing

We have skills testing for math and reading. It is always optional and we will gauge the situation with your student before we decide whether to recommend skills testing.

If we do recommend skills testing, it is still ultimately your decision. Testing is not required. You can learn more about our assessment here.

For our clients, the cost for this optional evaluation is the same as one tutoring session.

A Tutor's Touch


K-7 / 8-12

  • Assessment: $49/$54 (Optional)
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Group Tutoring                                        



K-7 / 8-12

  • Assessment: $99+ (Required)
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Group Tutoring


$40 - $50

/ Session Average

  • Assessment: $99 (Required)
  • No Individual Tutoring
  • Group Tutoring - Sylvan Offers Group Tutoring Only.

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