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We are in need of tutors in the Farragut, Pellissippi, and West Knoxville areas of Knoxville.

Right now, we are looking for:

  • Middle School, High School, and College level math and science tutors
  • Elementary School math and reading tutors
  • Intermediate School math and reading tutors

All tutors must have or be working toward a degree in a related field.

Education degrees are preferred.

Other degrees, subject specialties, and grade levels will be considered.

A background check will be performed for those who are considered for tutoring positions.

This is a 1099 independent contractor position.

Tutoring normally takes place inside the client’s home. Most of our tutor jobs are in West Knoxville.

We Provide:

  • Client management
  • All payments
  • Some resources

Free training is provided in reading, understanding, and applying the Tennessee State Curriculum Standards as well as guidance in Knox County procedures for teaching.

If you are interested, click here or click the button to fill out an application now. On the login page, click "Sign Up as a Tutor" to continue to our application.

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